frequently asked questions

We get it: It all seems too good to be true. Check out our FAQs below to learn about community solar and Eversolar’s commitment to its project members.

a community solar farm
What is community solar?

Community solar creates an opportunity for you to enjoy the benefits of solar energy without having to install panels on your roof. Multiple people and businesses can all sign up for a portion of a shared local solar project. Once you’ve signed up and your project is up and running, you receive bill credits on your monthly utility bill for your portion of the produced solar energy. The solar project’s produced solar energy is sent to the local power hub that distributes electricity to your home and community.

What is the difference between community solar and rooftop solar?

Most rooftop solar systems must be purchased by the homeowner, which often means a high upfront cost. Rooftop solar requires that not only do you own your home’s roof, but that it is a viable location for solar panels. This excludes people who rent their homes or live in apartment buildings, and anyone whose home doesn’t have the appropriate or sufficient rooftop space. On the other hand, Community solar doesn’t require an upfront cost or rooftop space, which means that anyone can access the benefits of solar. And with Eversolar community solar, there’s no cost to join.

What are the benefits of community solar?

Community solar enables more equitable access to solar energy by making it so that those of us who can’t access rooftop solar can still benefit from it. With community solar, you don’t have to go through the hassle of managing panel installation or paying a large price tag for your system. Instead, you simply pay a discounted price for your solar credits. This means that you’ll save on your utility costs from the first month that your project is operational. Eversolar requires no sign-up or cancellation fees - and you can cancel anytime.

How am I contributing to my community by becoming a member of a community solar project?

By becoming a member of a community solar project, you are supporting the addition of non-polluting renewable energy to your local electricity grid, which directly contributes to the health and wellbeing of the members of your community. In some cases, the construction of a solar project can also create local jobs and provide benefits to the local economy too.

Who can sign up for an Eversolar project?

Anyone over 18 years old who pays a utility bill in a participating jurisdiction is eligible to become an Eversolar member.

Do you check credit scores?

No, we don’t even require a soft credit check, as long as you sign up for autopay.

How much does it cost to sign up for Eversolar?

It’s completely free to sign up to be an Eversolar member! It’s also free to cancel.

Where do I pay my utility bill after I sign up?

You pay your utility bill in the same place you always do. There will be no change in the way that you pay your utility bill.

What happens if I move?

If you move somewhere nearby, it’s possible that you can remain a member of the same Eversolar project. However, if you move out of the range of your Eversolar project, you simply notify Eversolar of your move and your membership will be canceled at the end of the month, free of charge.

Will I get two bills?

It depends on your state’s community solar program. In some states, your utility bill will be updated to include both your solar credits and your Eversolar membership charge. In other states, you will receive your utility bill and a separate statement from Eversolar showing the solar credits applied to your utility bill, the discounted price for those solar credits, and your monthly savings.