Earn sunshine savings in Mississippi

Mississippi residents, Eversolar community solar is coming soon to your community! Pre-register here to reserve your spot for guaranteed utility savings.

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Why community solar in Mississippi?

Mississippi benefits from an abundance of sunshine and already boasts more than 20,000 clean energy jobs. With community solar projects, Mississippi landowners, contractors, and local businesses can benefit from the investment and development of solar energy that will improve the state’s utility grid and provide cleanrenewable energy.

Unlock savings, and Shine on.

You don’t need a roof to go solar anymore. An Eversolar community solar project will unlock guaranteed savings on your monthly utility bill. Shine on, everyone.

No Panels At Home

You simply subscribe to a solar farm and receive credits based on the power it generates.

Reduce Utility Costs

Households served by the community solar project receive guaranteed savings on your monthly utility bill - starting from the first month that your solar project is operational.

Support Clean Energy

By joining a local community solar project.

How to sign up

Signing up is
as easy as
sun, two, three.

Step 1

Create an
Eversolar account.

There is no equipment or credit check needed.

Step 2

Link your electric utility account.

We won’t be able to access any sensitive details of your account.

Step 3

get ready for sunshine savings!

Once your project starts, you’ll see a credit on your next utility bill.

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